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A holistic approach to identify and maximize tax solutions

Federal and state tax policies are complex and constantly changing. Apex Advisors is focused on understanding the variety of tax credits and incentives that are available to businesses in the United States. We match all available benefits and measure the best possible outcome that maximizes resources now and in the future.

Preliminary Assessment

A complimentary estimate of tax credit qualification and credit amount

Tax Credits & Incentive Solutions

Comprehensive analysis and application of various state and federal tax credits and incentives.

Coordinate With Your CPA

Presentation of quantitative findings and delivery of final forms to your CPA.

Audit Defense

Robust research, documentation and direct audit defense of clients.

Why Apex Advisors?

Proven results and satisfied clients since 2001.

Tax Credit Studies Performed

We have the experience necessary to understand even the most complex businesses and projects.

Industries Analyzed

Our clients come from a wide variety of industries and specialties.

Experienced Professionals

Our staff of CPAs, attorneys, former IRS agents and engineers provide us with a broad set of skills.

Robust Audit Defense

Our thorough research and documentation process is why our audit track record is so good.

Flexible Fee Structure

Every business is different, so we’ll work with you to create a fee structure that fits your situation.

Relationship Centric

We emphasize strong relationships with our clients to improve our performance and build long term strategies for success.

Our partners

We’ve built a reliable network of service providers and industry groups.